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Y 1951  
In Y1951, Department of Health of Guangdong Province allocated liquidity funds to establish China Pharmaceutical Company Guangdong Branch (the predecessor of Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation) in Shamian, Guangzhou. Mr. Shi Jun was appointed as the first general manager.
Y 1952  
The fist retail department of China Pharmaceutical Company Guangdong Branch (the predecessor of Jianmin Pharmaceutical) was established
the name of China Pharmaceutical Company Limited Guangdong Branch was changed into China Pharmaceutical Company Limited Guangzhou Branch
Y 1955  
Started public-private joint management on the private commercial businesses
Y 1956  
Started managing all the pharmacy stores within Guangzhou city
Y 1963  
Authorized by the Central Government to be the designated supply point of stupefacient
Y 1964  
Set up the first pesticide and veterinary medicine pharmacy store in Guangdong Province at Beijing Rd
Y 1965  
Arranged a sales team to promote drug sales in the suburbs of Guangzhou, Conghua, Hua County, and Fogang
Y 1978  
Guangzhou Xinyao Store (predecessor of Guangzhou Guoying Pharmaceutical Company) was founded
Y 1980  
Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation was established
Y 1984  
Become one of the seven companies that were authorized to have the right of enlarging company autonomy in Guangzhou
Y 1986  
Warehouse located in No. 118, Heping Xilu was awarded “National Grade-A Pharmaceutical Warehouse” by State Food and Drug Administration. This title was awarded for four consecutive times post Y1986
Y 1990  
Experienced an on-the-spot assessment by an investigation delegation organized by State Food and Drug Administration. All the experts unanimously agreed GP Corp was qualified to be a Band two commercial pharmaceutical company
Y 1995
Huangjinwei Pharmaceutical warehouse and new office building located in No.103, Datong Rd. were put into use
Y 1996
GP Corp integrated stores in Jianmin, Youbang, and Lizhong pharmacies and established Guangzhou Jianmin Pharmaceutical Chain Stores Company Limited. Jianmin retail business model, as well as its innovative all-around-the-clock service was promoted proactively nation-wide by the Food and Drug Administration
Y 1997  
Parent company—Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited issued H share listed (A share was distributed in Shanghai in Y2001). GP Corp is a member company of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited.
Wholesale department for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical goods (predecessor of Xinte Pharmaceutical Company Limited) was set up.
Headquarters and Jianmin were awarded GSP qualified enterprises
Jianmin Pharmaceutical Chain Stores Company Limited became one of the twenty “National Civilized Pharmacies”
Y 1999  
Company Management Information System (GZMPCMIS) was put into use
Y 2000
Established a subordinate—Dazhong Pharmaceutical Wholesale Company.
Y 2001  
Became one of the first companies that passed GSP certification together with Jianmin
The Integrated Management Information System was highly appraised by government and was recommended to other pharmaceutical companies
Y 2002  
Qihua Pharmaceutical Company Limited was set up post-integration
Y 2004  
Hubei Guangyao Ankang Pharmaceutical Company was established
Fujian Guangyao Jieda Pharmaceutical Company was established
The first pharmaceutical distribution company in China to establish Huangjinwei Logistics centre
Y 2007  
Established joint venture with foreign investment under the approval of State Ministry of Commerce and became the largest Sino-foreign joint venture distributor in China
Y 2009  
Foshan Guangyao Jianze Pharmaceutical Company Limited was founded
Promoted “contract sales” business model in prompt response to the suppliers’ needs. Nurtured a service-oriented professional sales team
Y 2010  
Authorized as the exclusive distributor for medical devices in the 16th Asian Games and the 10th Para Asian Gamespot
Set up Shenzhen Guangyao Liankang Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Set up Hunan Guangyao Hengsheng Pharmaceutical Company Limited