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Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation has under it two retail brands: Guangzhou Jianmin Pharmaceutical Retail Chain Store Company Limited and Dazhong Pharmaceutical Retail Store.

Guangzhou Jianmin Pharmaceutical Retail Chain Store Company Limited, whose predecessor is “Jianmin”, was established in Y1952. In Y1997, GP Corp integrated its time-honored retail brands “Jianmin”, “Lizhong”, “Youbang” and established Guangzhou Jianmin Pharmaceutical Retail Chain Store Company Limited. It was the first pharmaceutical retail store company in Guangdong Province, one of the first pharmaceutical retail companies in China, and the first retail chain store company that pass GSP registration in Guangdong Province. Jianmin Pharmaceutical Company has always been upholding integrity as its root, quality first as its principle for operation, “catering to people’s needs” as its principle in providing services, “health + beauty” as its development trend. Its excellent brand image and professional services have won itself wide-spread reputation.

Dazhong pharmaceutical retail store was established in Y2001. With the strong support of Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation, it aims to provide its customers with professional and cost-effective pharmaceutical retail services.

So far, retail business scope of Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation includes Chinese herbal pieces, dietary supplement, medical devices, healthcare products, cosmetics. etc. . We aim to provide our customers with characterized and tailored retail services.