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Core values ——integrity, steadiness, innovation, win-win cooperation
Integrity——the foundation of our operation. Integrity has been upheld by GPC for years. With integrity, the company accumulated a good customer base, attained favorable responses and wide-spread reputation.
Steadiness——the core for management. GPC has formulated firm awareness of risk-prevention and consciousness of responsibility to keep the risks within our controllable range. Every employee is a risk-prevention manager. With caring heart to our fellows, we carry on mutual supervision
Innovation——the root of our development. Innovation is the source of maintaining dynamism within the company. The power of innovation comes from the innovative strategies within the organization and excellent innovative abilities of individuals.
Win-win cooperation——the principle of our actions. Our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers depend on one another and make progress together.
Five corporate spirits
Enterprising spirit, frugality, conscientious and meticulous in work, solidarity and cohesiveness, courage to face challenges
Corporate Motto ——unremittingly cultivating individual moral character, apt to acquire new skills and knowledge
We should improve integrity and ethical awareness
We should pursue greater achievement
We should be keen on study and acquire new skills and knowledge